Author Meet & Greet Success!!

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On February 29 our local Book Club held an Author Meet & Greet.  Four local authors participated (including yours truly) and almost 70 guests came to hear them speak.  There were lots of questions and each author sold and signed their books at the end.  It was So Much Fun!!  Always good to let folks hear passages from my book.

I started with an introduction:

The songwriter Steven Leslie sang: Everywhere we turn there’s a story – every scene a chapter in a book.

“Do You Believe In Always” is a true story – made up of dated journal entries, emails, and letters, moving forward in time and reminiscing backward.

Our characters include:
Anna – the heroine
Jason – the first hero
Ben – the second hero
Bastardo Romantico – a hero only in his own mind
Mr Lucky – who was never a hero but ended with a heroic effort
Gabriel – the last of the heros (or not)

AND a supporting cast of thousands

Do You Believe in Always was published in 2015 and there have been many changes in the subsequent years.  But let’s go back to then…

Interested?  Go to the purchase page, and get your own copy!!!


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