The Book


“I was born in the 50’s, did high school in the 60’s and partied in the 70’s – ok, and the 80’s. Deviant sex, hard drugs, and rock ‘n roll. If our beliefs make our reality then my reality is that I have loved, and been loved, more than once.

Two parents, long gone, parented as much as they were able. One absent sister who is not wicked, but whose counselor years ago suggested our sibling relationship was not healthy for her. My long-held belief is that the hatchet should have been buried (and not in her back).

To be truthful, I left childhood as far behind as quickly as possible, making a lot of bad decisions which inevitably led to a few right ones. I have been showered with professions of undying love from a dozen well-intentioned (mostly) lovers and been madly, passionately, happilyforeverafter like you see on made-for-TV movies, in love. But my three marriages were to none of them.

An on-line diary was started to tell the epic tale of Ben and Anna, two lovers separated by time, distance, and space. And it ended …well, what is an end, anyway? Ben always left when the grass seemed greener on the other side of the fence, then came back over and over forcing me to watch him leave once more for those same empty pastures. And when it finally came time to put courage before love, the empty space was filled again … and again.

This is not a Disney-like fairy tale with a happilyforeverafter ending. Think Grimm’s. There are trolls under every bridge, giants in the woods, and the witch always – always wins.”

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