Do You Believe In Always

the exciting new fictional memoir by author Nici Damon, is available to order on Amazon, and for download in multiple eReader formats:

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If you were a fan of Sex And the City, Pretty Woman, or The Happy Hooker, this is your new go-to, must-read novel. Also available for Kindle and Nook.

Imagine sneaking into the attic, opening an old trunk, and finding your best friend’s diary wrapped in a packet of love letters spanning forty years. Presented as a modern journal of emails and blog entries, this autobiographical fiction begins with the epic tale of Ben and Anna, two lovers separated by time, distance, and space.

From the 50’s to the present, Anna spends a not inconsiderable amount of time in the search for a good man. Three husbands and a dozen lovers later, she still believes in soul mates, unconditional love, and Tantric sex.

Do You Believe in Always is the perfect storm of escapism, suspense, romance and heartbreak. With an ending you won’t see coming!

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