Cast of Characters

Every story has a cast, and for this one you WILL need a program.  Herewith, are the characters that populate both the book and the blog.

Anna Maison – the heroine. A chronicle of the absurd

Lee – Anna’s first husband. They were married when she was in high school. Father of Morgan

Jason – the first hero. A two year life-altering relationship after Lee, and before Ben, with a do-over attempt 30 years later

Andy – Anna’s second husband. He adopted Morgan and remains her father, which makes him a hero for real

Benjamin Stevenson (Ben) – the second hero. A twenty-five year relationship that continued far too long, with the inevitable personal conflict

Marcus – Ben’s oldest son

Paul – Anna’s third husband

Mr. Lucky – “lucky” enough to be a 15 year live-in relationship. Never a hero but one who ended with a heroic effort

Gabriel – the last of the heroes. Or not

Shane / Son – Gabriel’s married son and only child

JB and the Brothers Grimm – the brothers of Gabriel…along with a host of other Fairy Tale characters

Bastardo Romantico™ – a Valentine’s Day blind date. A hero only in his own mind

Morgan – Anna’s daughter, an actress/model

Jarred – Morgan’s husband, a London-born New York based actor

Travis – Anna’s grandson

Kayla – Anna’s granddaughter

Maggie – Anna’s step-mother

Bobbi – Anna’s lifelong best friend, now living in Florida

Golden Knight – a long-time personal friend of Anna

JournalLand – an online journal site, where all the original unedited entries appeared. A locked journal can only be seen by the writer.

  • “Do You Believe in Always” (a public journal, later locked)
  •  “LuvACowboy” (a locked private journal)
  •  “cUnHell” (a locked private journal documenting an illness)

OnTheRadio, Poppy, Randi, etc. – other JournalLand writers

And a supporting cast of thousands

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