About the Author

1975 - Modeling Shot 1 (2)

An obviously fanciful woman of a certain age from a very small town in the Midwest, married young, then more than once or even twice, mother of one child, survivor of cancer and Hep C, and proficient at a couple of hobbies like swing dancing and Hobie Cat sailing.

Her bucket list, created before it was popular to have one, included college, Mr. Right, a loving child (none of which worked out so well) and traveling the world to stand before such things as the Mona Lisa, the Berlin Wall, the Grand Canyon, the Sistine Chapel, the Acropolis, and Big Ben. And writing a book that one stranger would buy (adjusted for inflation to twenty-five).

The book has taken a lifetime in hopes of a happy ending but, despite crossing off most of that original list, the older and wiser woman continues to add lots more. Perhaps knowing that once you cross off the very last entry, all that’s left is

The End!

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